4/22/2010 ~ I See Your 3 Months, and I Raise You 4!

Just had an interesting conversation with a person about how I, technically, have been alive for an equivalent of 4 months if you compare my waking moments to that of a typical 8 hour sleeping individual for 3 months.

Pretty awesome.

Of recent I have been playing around with my schedule to get more flexibility. It is currently by no means restrictive at all, but I wanted to move my 1.5 core to 7pm instead of having it at 2 am. Found some interesting quirks due to this change; namely that I am actually having a HARDER TIME falling asleep for 20 minutes at the changed 2am.

It’s almost as if that I get my BEST most OPTIMUM rest around 7pm. Whether it be 20 minutes, or 1.5 hours if I go to sleep around 7pm I will gain recuperation at a factor much higher than my other rest periods. I don’t know if you follow, or if I said that properly, but essentially having my 1.5 at 7pm instead of 2am has actually resulted in me being more rested… thus far. It’s quite hard to say as I haven’t been doing this time change long enough. Either way I’m on the verge of deciding to keep all of my times the same but pushing my 2 am to 3 am…

On another note I was discussing with someone what exactly is it that we polyphasers are putting our bodies through and I came up with some interesting points. Frankly I don’t care if it’s possibly detrimental, I really don’t. I see it like smoking cigarettes of which I don’t do, but there is a temporary “high” you get when you are smoking a cigarette. And cumulatively those temporary highs make up for the possibility of getting cancer or a shorter lifespan, at least in the mind of a smoker it does. This is the statement I told my friend, which he didn’t really agree with, but that is truly the case for most people. They know the possible risks and choose to take them for that high. In the case of polyphasic sleeping I see it the same way. Although there is no proof that this sort of schedule is detrimental the benefits I have already gotten from it are worth the possibilities of those detriments. My friend brought up a great point saying that a smoker is addicted and under the guise of addiction one can’t compare the two because one act is forced while another is succumbed to. To that I told him flat out that anyone that has the stones to put up with this sleep schedule and persevere for weeks being DEAD tired and force yourself out of bed when everything inside of you is SCREAMING to stop is also a person that could stop smoking cigarettes. Period. Anyone with the dedication and willpower to do this can also stop an addiction, maybe with some help but with willpower it can be done.

With all of the increased interest in sleep studies and the like I feel like I’ll be eating my words here soon, but WHATEVER! I think this whole deal of polyphasic sleeping goes one way or another.

It’s either that;

1) Polyphasic sleep is a process of teaching your body to function and become used to being CONSTANTLY exhausted without noticing it. I mean, how can I really say right now that I’m rested after my 7pm when all it could be is that I’m used to being insanely tired all the time because I have been doing this for 3 months?! This is a bad example but imagine you wore a bracelet that pinched into your wrist causing constant discomfort. As long as it’s not causing a break in the skin or some sort of infection that is ever changing, don’t you think you’d get USED to the pain after 3 months… to the point you really don’t even notice it anymore? Maybe that’s all polyphasic sleep is… a method to get your body used to being insanely tired.

2) Polyphasic sleep singles out only the most necessary aspects of what is gained during sleep and capitalizes on it ever 4 hours (or whatever the interim time period is). No one knows what all the phases of sleep are for, but we know that if we deprive ourselves our bodies, for the sake of survival, will be forced to do what it needs during the time periods it is given.

I rock, You rock, I’m eating rocky road ice cream. I wake up before my alarm now thinking I’ve overslept or something and I haven’t. Pretty awesome!! A.D.D. just kicked in… BYE


April 14th ~ People need to back the @#$# up!

Getting awoken during a 20 minute nap has got to be my ultimate pet peeve. It’s always something stupid… never important. And it’s always some buffoon just being an idiot.

Waking up in the middle of those is KILLER man, ruined my whole awakeness feeling today, and now I have about 4 hours till my next rest and I am dead tired right now.

Let’s go through the morons who can’t just leave me alone for 20 freakin minutes.

–Coworkers who know about my schedule finding me asleep.–

“Hey man, are you taking your nap dude!? What are you doing??”

Yes, I drove this far away from work so that I could get away from you and get a brief 20 minute rest in. And you have completely ruined it with your insiped questions of if I’m asleep or not. What do you think? You KNOW I only get 20 minutes in sometimes and you are ruining about 1/5 of my days sleep. Would you like me to come to your house, wake you up and make you lose 1.8 hours of sleep??? I hate you.

–security guards—

“You there, what are you doing in your car smoking pot?”

“Excuse me sir do you need some help? I saw you in your car and…”

“Hey buddy, you can only park here for 20 minutes.” (Seriously a guy said that to me)

Well has it been 20 minutes yet?! Obviously not because the freakin alarm I set is set to go off in exactly 10 minutes from now which would be FREAKIN 20 minutes after I arrived here?! What’s your deal dude?! Back up! I know where you guys work and it’s not that hard to run over a parking lot guard… trust me.

–Random people with nothing else better to do–

“Hey who the fuck is this?! Get out of my car!! Oh wait… this isn’t my car… oops.”

This was today during my 1pm, I literally yelled at this guy. What the heck man! I look over and his car, which yes is the same make as mine, looked NOTHING Like my car and this douche and his friend had the greatest time speeding off honking their horn after having woke me up 10 minutes in. Why is it always 10 minutes… my whole body hates him.

Why is there a crazy outside on Hollywood blvd yelling his head off… I thought I moved away from these people. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE TODAY.

I’m so exhausted…

April 13th of 2010 means Caffeine is your FRIEND!

I notice in my last post i didn’t specify am and pm for my new schedule.

New Schedule (which kind of evolved on it’s own):

…. I mean I’m sure it’s obvious the times but maybe not.

I wanted to clear the air on anyone who is trying polyphasic sleeping while considering the use of caffeine. You might read from various sources that you can’t use caffeine as it tends to mess up the sleep cycle or you might not fall asleep for your 20 minute… ya know I just can’t agree with that. Although I have been very careful to only drink it and FINISH my portion of caffeine within the first hour of waking from my 20 minute or 1.5 core, but being that I’m almost 3 months in I’m just not seeing a big deal with even being that strict with the time. Maybe it’s just my chemical make-up or maybe it’s just that I have acclimated to the schedule, but really caffeine doesn’t impede my rest periods because I’m so damned tired by the time I get to them it doesn’t even matter. Plus after forcing my body to learn to sleep on command I would say I’m rather proficient at the task of passing out regardless of what I intake. I noticed this as I was drinking a starbucks double shot kill of death mocha today and noticed that I was less then an hour away from my 1.5 core (yes it was 6pm). I continued to drink it and still passed out with no problems. Even now I’m drinking iced tea and I have about 1.5 hours till my 20 minute at 2 am… there’s nothing else to drink here!

I intend to save my “trip to the grocery store to wake myself up” for my 2 am resurrection.

You know what else is your friend? Lights, Cold Air, Cold Beverages, Alarm Clock, and Denny’s / iHop (I get energy from the people out around that time being all wasted and such).

Enemies? Sitting down, chair, couch, taxes, darkness, silence, and “anything your tired mind has to reason with yourself to come up with during the first hour of being awake from a rest period”. Just don’t listen to anything you say to yourself for the first hour… because it’s wrong, always. Just do what you had planned to do before you took a rest. Maybe this is just me as I’m so confused waking up sometimes that I need to just not think and follow the schedule as planned.

….so much to do……..so much to do……..so much to do……..so much to do….

4/7/2010 ~ Going into my 3rd month

What a ride this is. I began 2 months ago on February 1st sleeping polyphasically and have really enjoyed ever second of it.

If one does the math and equates 16 hours of wakefulness as a “Day of life” then over the last 2 months and 7 days I have technically lived about 3 months 10 days. I did the math in my head so that is a close number I’m sure.

And talk about realizing it… sheesh! I find it a little hard to conceive it’s only April. I mean, yeah I saw the days go by, but I feel I might have a better conception of the passage of time then most people, because it felt like 3 months, for sure, but it was only 2.

Ok, whatever, so an update on things:

I am a polyphasic sleeper.

I sleep about 2.5 hours a day give or take and I have been doing this since the 1st of February 2010.

I sleep on what is called the Everyman schedule with 1.5 hour core and THREE 20 minute rest periods throughout the day.
Old Schedule:

New Schedule (which kind of evolved on it’s own):

What I know for a fact:

Anyone can successfully do this.

I get a crap ton of things done, and STILL have plenty of time to goof off.

So here are some of my thoughts, pros /cons, and experiences on all of this thus far.

Firstly, everything I say here is simply MY experience… I’m sure other polyphasers experience their polyphasic life differently. But this is how I see things in the short 2 going on 3 months I’ve been doing it.

Pro – You wouldn’t believe the amount of things I get done in a day.

Pro – I’m never the “wake up tired but have to get up because I pushed snooze 3 times guy”. I’m always up and at em, which is fantastic. I do get a little tired sometimes while I’m awake, like in the mornings right around now, 5 am, but it’s nothing worse then anything I’ve felt before monophasically.

Pro – time of day means nothing to me now. I don’t go to bed thinking, “dang I’ve got to get up in 6 hours” anymore. It’s 5 am and I’ve been up since 2am, but none of that matters. The only reason I care for time now is when the bank or post office is open or closed, or when I need to be a certain place to meet some monophasic sleeper on his laughably short daily time schedule. That is awesome.

Con – I wake up INCREDIBLY confused. This confusion, I figure, comes from the fact that I’m waking up in the middle of intensely vivid dreams and is a necessary bi-product of this type of sleep schedule. It doesn’t affect too many things, but it has caused me to have to make a note to myself to read before I go to sleep. Because I really have no idea what’s going on when I wake up.

Pro – I love sleep now. I used to HATE it. Seriously, I hated doing it, I wanted to do anything to not have to ever do sleep again and then I found polyphasic sleeping. Now I LOOK FORWARD to my 20 minute naps! When I start feeling tired and look at my clock to see I’m almost at my next 20 minute I get STOKED! When I see that I’m about to have my 1.5 hour rest I’m so excited I can hardly calm down to go to sleep. I consistently think, as I’m laying there, that I won’t be able to pass out…. and then BAM I wake up 1.5 hours later.

Cons – I love sleep now. Yeah it’s kind of a bad thing too. Like I almost crave it sometimes… even if I’m not tired I CRAVE the chance to just close my eyes. Not only that but I also CRAVE the passage of time. Weird huh? I sometimes wish I could just pass out and let life pass along faster for a bit. You’d never know such an innate desire is so strong within us until you deprive yourself of it. The other weekend I went out, and I mean its Hollywood so things get wild, and I end up passing out without setting my alarm when I got home. I woke up after about 5 hours, which is 2 days worth of sleep. (imagine sleeping 16 hours in a day and you kind of get what I trying to say, it’s not the same but get my drift here) I got up, looked around, wasn’t tired or anything but just decided to go back to sleep for another 3 hours. It was freakin FANTASTIC! I was a little worried I might mess things up, but no I resumed my schedule as I normally would hitting all of my rest periods like I normally had. But what I got out from resting for 8 hours is the realization of how much I really like sleep now. I’ll never go back to monophasic sleeping consistently, it’s just one of those grass is always greener sorts of things. And maybe that all goes away after awhile… I mean I’ve only been doing polyphasic for 2 months and have been monophasic for 27 years, so there is inevitably withdraws. But when you feel like 3 months has passed and it only has been 2 months things get a little awkward and something in you just wants to stabilize things.

Hmm, I have much more to say but I think I’ll have to end here; I have a deadline in about 2 hours for some monophaser. Oh yeah, that’s another good point…

Pro – I have read in multiple places that you run out of things to do. I have no idea what those nut cases are talking about. I have so many things to finish and so many things to do I couldn’t go back to sleeping 8 hours a day if I WANTED to. When you’re up 21.5 hours a day you kind of come up with alot of ideas. Unless of course your a nincompoop.

3/3/2010 ~ Running out of daily things to say here.

haha, I mean visit if you want but I really don’t have much to say anymore. I have sort of fallen into a routine now with all this polyphasic sleeping.

12am – 1:30 am — sleeping
1:45 — I go to Denny’s, IHOP, Hookah Lounge, or some Thai restaurant 24 hour spot and read / order food / fake up and prepare for the day.
2 am – 6:55 am — do whatever my extra 6 hour heart desires
7am – 7:20 — sleeping
7:30am – 1pm – work
1pm- 1:20 pm – sleeping
1:20pm – 6:55pm – work or whatever is going on
7pm – 7:20pm – sleeping
7:30 – 11:55 – do cool stuff

And then I start it all over again. My days are insanely long and very much rockstarish.

Day 23 – February 23rd ~ YEAAAA

I guess since I have nothing to talk about I’ll just blab on here about some interesting polyphasic quirks.

Firstly, ever since I’ve started doing this I am insanely sensitive to light. I know it’s a factor of sleep deprivation but I don’t FEEL like I’m deprived much anymore. Flashes of light, from cameras or reflectives mirrors/windows passing by are REALLY REALLY bright. Cars headlights and red taillights are VIBRANT. The taillights used to be red… now they are RED! I really don’t know how to explain it… but it hasn’t gone away and I figured it would have by now. Just go do polyphasic sleeping and see for yourself if you haven’t already.

Speaking of sight there are two things in my life that I am very glad I did. The first is getting laser surgery. If you have good eyesight you will never know the horrors of being unable to see anything, it’s the most debilitating thing to not be able to see 1 foot in front of your face. And when your eye sight is that bad contacts and eyeglasses can only do so much before they are just useless problems that only add the the misery. Especially if you have allergies like I do. The second great thing is of course POLYPHASIC SLEEPING!

Being able to see and experience the world AND have 6 extra hours a day to do so!?! SIGN ME UP!!

Worst blog ever, I know.

Day 21 – February 21st ~ It’s still the weekend?!

Jesus this weekend is going slow… I feel like it has been 4-5 days since I last wrote a blog, but I only missed yesterday. Quite the phenomenon I’m still not used to.

Got a lot of things done this weekend and kind of slacked on my schedule. I had a bit of an oversleep this Sunday… today although it feels so ago. I woke up from my core and fell asleep sitting up in my computer chair. THEN I got caught up and moved my afternoon rest period an hour forward. Basically I’m getting a little lazy with this but I need to stay vigilant!

I’m very very very close to being fully adapted, I can feel it. I feel great and I just need to close it out. It’s been an amazing and insightful month so far.

I do want to mention a pitfall that many people, including myself, might fall into when trying to do polyphasic sleeping. I think everyone figures that if they have a week or 2 off from doing whatever it is that they normally do in life that this is the perfect time to do polyphasic sleeping. I’d purpose that assumption is unexpected error and that a person adapting would have an easier time doing so when they are more busy. The first two times I’ve attempted polyphasic sleeping I made this assumption that since I had a “break” from how my normal life progresses I should give adaptation a shot. I find that the more things I have to do the less I can concentrate on my tiredness or boredom or “lethargicness” and I just go about my day. And then all of a sudden it’s 5 hours later and I’m taking my 20 minute rest. When I have little to nothing to do, like this morning, I tend to fall into the pitfall of mistakes. I know for a fact that if I had something important to accomplish I would have had a perfect weekend. Which rings true with my other point I wanted to bring up, the weekends are the worst for staying on schedule due to the aforementioned concept.

So what does this mean for you and me? Adapt AND DO something! And not just walk to the store, I mean like do something that takes time and is very active either mentally or preferably physically. Working out for more than half an hour, going to work, doing errands outside of the house, anything. Just don’t think that the less you have to do over “adaptation week” will mean that you will have an easier time adapting. In my opinion and experience.

Day 19 – February 19th ~ The Lucid Dream ~

I woke up from my morning 1.5 hour core LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY!

My dream was so hilarious, and I knew that if I didn’t write it down immediately I’d forget what it was by the time I got to my blog… and I forgot.

All I know is that it was incredibly absurd. So absurd, in fact, that I KNEW it was a dream as I was dreaming. Yea I went lucid, something I used to do a lot even when I was on monophasic sleep.

For the record lucid dreaming is when you are full on passed out and are dreaming but you are fully aware that you are dreaming and are still sleeping. It’s quite an awesome thing, at first, but it’s actually kind of annoying now… Let me explain.

When I first wanted to lucid dream a long, long time ago I became OBSESSED with trying to do it…. this obsession inevitably lead to my first lucid dream. There are a couple of methods to induce this type of wakeful dreaming; one of them by focusing on an object, say your keyboard, and trying to make an association with the keyboard being in a dream. Of course you are doing this in your waking moments. Eventually, once you have a little bit of “keyboard equals dream” association, when you have a dream you will see a keyboard and BAM you realize your dreaming. That’s one method, another method is to just be obsessed with trying to do it and eventually it just happens naturally because it’s always on your waking mind.

The cool thing about this is that, most of the time, you DON’T wake up and continue to dream while you realize your dreaming. This allows you to do virtually ANYTHING you have EVER wanted to do. When I was lucid I would fly a lot in my dreams… I was also much younger and enjoyed making Dragonball Z fireballs and beating up monsters. After what seems like 5 minutes of lucid dreaming you wake up, I have never gone longer than this 5 minute lucid although time is irrelevant because it’s too hard to tell how much actually passes.

Anyways, it is well known that by doing the polyphasic sleeping you will have an increased proclivity to lucid dream when you sleep. And now that I’m sleeping 4 times a day and I already have conditioning to lucid dream I can’t stop doing it even if I tried.

What makes this annoying is that I’m not entirely sure if this is disturbing the quality of rest I’m getting or not. I know when I used to lucid dream monophasically I would wake up, think about how cool the dream was, and go back to sleep, because it typically was the middle of the night when I woke up. NOW i’m waking up in the middle or right before the end of my short 20 minute rest periods. And the frequency is exponential at this point.

Anyways, out of frustration, I did something in one of my lucid dreams that was purely absurd and had me waking up in laughter before my alarm even had a chance to go off. Just for the life of me can’t remember what is it I did….

Day 18 – Febraury 18th

Don’t know what it is but I’m REALLY getting into dubstep now these days. Don’t know if it just vibs with how I feel during the late/early hours when no one else is awake but it’s rad.

I’m absolutely astounded at how many things I get done now-a-days. My boss confronted me today asking me to teach him how to Polyphasic! haha, because he is strapped for time as well. Later tonight, like around 3/4 I’m going to put together some material and send it his way, and yes I’m sending it at that time just to drive the point home.

Anyways today went fine. Went to sleep in my car with perfect weather outside ( I love the feeling of a warm car, yea it’s like 80 degrees this winter in southern California). Unfortunately some jerk-off security guard with nothing better to do decides to wake me 10 minutes in. Ruined my sleep and thus I was tired for the crucial 2-7pm time period. I couldn’t wait till my 7pm today. I was speeding past the thousands of cops on Hollywood blvd just to get home and sleep for 20 minutes. Ran into my room, threw my stuff down, set my alarm and passed out for 20 minutes…

Woke up and was ready to go like BAM, 20 minutes, BAM, rested!

Lovin’ it.

Day 17 – February 17th

Hi Yaros! Don’t worry too much about being unable to fall asleep during the beginning. Your body isn’t used to laying down and sleeping for 20 minutes at a time yet, but this will change quickly.

1. PREPARE! The most important aspect I believe. I saw this video of this guy attempting Polyphasic sleeping and he would wait till the clock hit EXACTLY the time he needed to pass out. I wouldn’t even consider doing that now and I can pass out pretty quickly. Give yourself like 5 minutes before your rest period to just slow things down. Try to actually fall asleep 5 minutes before.

2. Cut out the caffeine or other stimulants. At least don’t use em for the adaptation phase. I love tea, but I gave it up for a bit just so that it wouldn’t mess with my adaptation. Your trying to get your body to understand that the time to be awake and the time to sleep is now being monitored. Caffeine that spills into your nap periods are brutal on adaptation. I drink tea and coffee at times NOW, but I wouldn’t dream of touching it when I was adapting.

3. STICK TO YOUR SCHEDULE. Regardless of what happens stay on schedule during adaptation. If you don’t fall asleep during one of your naps then TOO BAD. Don’t give yourself “another 20 minutes” or “reward yourself with extra sleep time”. Let your body know that if it doesn’t want to pass out on command then it won’t get any sleep till the next period.

But forget all of those 3. This concept is most important:

The whole idea of falling asleep quickly in the beginning is kind of an ambiguous subject. Primarily because during your adaptation phase you are purposefully TRYING to get your body to be sleep deprived and in turn have your brain go into survival mode.

Trust me, once you are in full sleep deprivation and your brain goes into survival mode you will know it… this is normally the 2nd week for most people I have read about, including myself. Once your body is in this tired mode falling asleep is the EASIEST thing in the world.

One of the reasons why I started polyphasic sleeping was that I hated sleep. And one of the reasons I hated sleep so much was because it would take me from 45minutes to an hour EVERY NIGHT to pass out. My brain was always over active and I had the hardest time getting to sleep.

So trust me when I say this, sleeping quickly will be a thing of the past once you adapt. I am passed out in 1-2 minutes FLAT now.

So pay attention to my tips, but understand that once your body is in the tired mode you won’t have to worry too much about it. Just make SURE you get into that tired mode by sticking to your adaptation schedule like it’s the law.

I think a lot of people try to adapt believing they can just ease into it… maybe that’s possible for some people, but I doubt it for most. You’re TRYING to make yourself deprived so that your body readjusts they way you want it to.

So if you can’t fall asleep quickly… GOOD! That means your body is going to be tired and the next rest opportunity is going to be even easier to pass out.


On another note I made my first big mistake today. I have 2 alarms that I set and I accidentally set one of them on pm when it should have been am and the other I didn’t even have on at all. It has been 17 days and I have not made a mistake like this but I slept like a log for a good amount of time… like 6 hours or something.

I was so annoyed waking up and seeing it being light outside! I had so many plans and things I needed to get done and now I had lost 6 hours.

Anyways I think it is important that I go through this mistake as I can give advice on how to handle it.

For the record I am by no means an expert Polyphasic sleeper and I can’t really say that I am fully adapted yet but I have done an exhaustive amount of research and believe the majority of my methods to be pretty sound.

In such a situation as making a 6 hour mistake I would have told someone to just act like nothing has happened and continue the day as normal.

At first I considered just not sleeping the whole day so that I could “make up” for the over-sleep by depriving my rest periods over the day. But this isn’t what I would tell someone else to do, so I took the other path.

I still took all of my 20 minute breaks and on top of that I had no trouble falling asleep within the 1-2 minute time frame before my rest period (which was something I was curious about if I’d be able to do it).

My body is still very much in polyphasic mode and has by no means “reset” due to the mistake. And that’s what I would suggest to someone who asks… STAY THE COURSE. No matter what.

What annoys me even more is that my FAIL PROOF alarm clock STILL hasn’t been sent to me yet.

I have, or will have, three alarms that serve different purposes and form quite a defense against over-sleeping.

I have my I-Phone – great for sleeping in my car or anywhere other than home for that matter, I can turn the ringer off but keep alarm still active, and I always have it with me.

My wall alarm/clock – it’s doomed to remain at home about 15 feet away from my bed but it is LOUD AS ALL HELL. That thing goes off and I am BOUNDING out of bed to turn it off… not just because it’s so loud and annoying but when you live in an apartment complex you don’t want to disturb neighbors at 2 am in the morning. So I purposefully do this because, out of some mixed up way to respect my neighbors, I set myself up to have to turn this thing off quickly.

Cooking timer alarm thing – Of which I’m still waiting for coming in the mail. Ordered it like a week and a half ago. Why? well 1. It’s fool-proof, and completely my offensive line! It is spring powered! So if my iphone is out of batteries, AND my power shuts off AND my battery in the alarm clock is magically out this thing will wake me regardless. 2. I can’t really make the mistake of “not setting it”. I mean it’s simple… turn the thing to the right for 20 minutes and done. Although not complex at all setting my iphone and alarm take a little bit of paying attention, which is why I messed up this morning because I wasn’t paying attention at all. This turn cooking thing takes no thinking effort.


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